A Continuous Driving Force

Mark was Director of Kobo Writing Life since its conception in 2011 and in many ways his passion is woven into the DNA of the platform. His vision of what a self-publishing service should look like gave direction to the product design and development teams in the early days, and since its launch in 2012, Mark’s passion to support independent authors and publishers has been crucial to the fantastic success of Kobo Writing Life today.

He was a continuous driving force inside Kobo to gain support across departments for the marketing and promotion of KWL authors, and for maintenance and improvement of the platform and services. Within our high-tech, KPI-driven organization, the individual author performance gets easily overseen, and it speaks to Mark’s core passion that his focus is always on the interest of that independent author-publisher.

– Pieter Swinkels, Executive Vice-President, Publisher Relations & Content, Rakuten Kobo, Inc.