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Gold Status (AKA – Completed Manuscript)

Rachel Amphlett

Leigh Ann Beckett

Lindsay Buroker

Katie Cross

Matty Dalrymple

Jamie Davis

Macy Dixon

D H Dunn

David Heyman

Jamie Ferguson

Marcel Gagne

Chuck Heintzelman

Per Steiner K. Hoftun

Michael Lister

Kathy Mac

Mary Jo Rabe

Tessa Smith McGovern

Carolyn Stein

Linda Stirling

Julie Strauss

Silver Status (AKA – First Draft)

Krista D. Ball

Chad Boyer

Ember Casey

Malcolm Coon

Sherilyn Decter

Jan Field

Linda Hill

Joanna Penn

Amy Teegan

Stanley B. Trice

Faye Whyte

Bronze Status (AKA – Plot Outline)

Ellie Ashe

Johnanna Rothman


Pranathi K

Kevin Partner

David Perlmutter

Talena Winters