Episode 12 – Six Rules of Success with Arnold Schwarzenegger

This is the mini-episode that almost wasn’t.

You know how some buildings “skipped” the 13th floor based on a superstition? Well, it appears that in my miscalculation, I somehow skipped the 12th floor. Not due to a superstition just me goofing up.

I recorded and finished producing the next episode in the podcast but called it Episode 13. Whoops.

Goof-ups happen. Writers often can mess up. But that’s okay. Sometimes, we can turn those things around and make them even almost work. I’m hoping that this works well.

You see, in Episode 13, a great interview with author T S Paul about going his own way, I was inspired by a few things. Such as not listening to the naysayers, believing in yourself and putting in the time. The same day I was editing/producing the podcast, I listened to a speech Arnold Schwarzenegger had given and was struck by the parallels between the Terminator and the Paulinator.

So I thought it’d be best to:

  1. Admit my error. Own up to my mistake
  2. Make the best of it by trying to fit something in that made sense.

In my post-interview monologue for Episode 13 I reflect on Arnold’s speech, but I never shared the speech that had inspired me. So I’m doing that here and sharing a short version of the original 20 minute speech that I had listened to and been inspired by.

Six Rules of Success by Arnold Schwarzenegger 

1. Trust yourself
2. Break some rules
3. Don’t be afraid to fail
4. Ignore the naysayers
5. Work like hell
6. Give something back

Don’t be afraid to fail. You will. All of us do. You just witnessed me failing, making a mistake, but then owning that mistake.

It’s what you do with those failures, how you respond and move on from those failures that matters.

Links of Interest:

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian bodybuilder who you should keep your eye on. I think the kid shows heart, integrity, promise and conviction. He might make something of himself one day. I suspect he might win more than one bodybuilding competition, go on to become a major Hollywood star and maybe even have a chance at being a Governor for a pretty awesome US state. But that’s just me.

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