Episode 44 – How To Deal With A Fire-hose of Information

Having just spent six days at the WMG Business Master Class workshop in Las Vegas, Mark reflects on the overwhelming and head-spinning influx of information, insight, wisdom, ideas, inspiriation, and perspective that he had just taken in.

In this episode, he walks through some of the ideas on how authors can process such a deluge of information and adapt the curated learnings and ideas into things that are likely to best work for them.

In his personal update, Mark mentions that he has recently launched his new book, Killing It On Kobo, but skips over that quickly, because he is more interested in figuring out a way to process all the information he has just taken in.

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Some of the elements that Mark talks about are:

  • A few key things to remember before setting out to try to implement the ideas gathered
  • The importance of first stepping back to take a breath and get perspective
  • A list of questions to ask yourself when looking at all of the ideas that you have jotted down or taken in
  • The importance not just of deciding on something, but deciding to act on that something
  • The concept of EAT, FEED, DRAIN
  • The FOUR-D way to update a to-do list
  • The importance of taking responsibility for your own career


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Links of Interest:

The WMG Publishing Business Master Class is the premier publishing business workshop for indie writers.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling writers and renowned business and industry bloggers Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith lead this intense five days of business and publishing learning.

Industry experts will cover virtually every topic imaginable, including book production and distribution, writing productivity, audiobooks, overseas sales, contracts, bundles, and so much more.This workshop focuses on selling more books, selling subsidiary rights, indie publishing, the business of indie and hybrid, and the constant changes overwhelming us all.

Plus, networking opportunities with other industry professionals via lunches with experts, group breakfasts, and an evening hospitality suite.

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