Episode 87 – You, Your Book, And Bookstores

In this solo episode, Mark offers a perspective on bookstores, booksellers, and bookselling, and shares ideas on how authors can best get their books into bookstores.

Prior to the topic, Mark shares a personal update about the move back upstairs to his renovated office, discusses a comment on a previous episode, reminds listeners about the contest to win a print copy of Patrick O’Donnell’s book COPS AND WRITERS, and also thanks Patrons and talks about the patron perks.

Mark then shares a word from this episodes sponsor…

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When discussing bookstores, Mark covers these topics:

  • The importance of relationships and community
  • Understanding the business side of print bookselling, including the margins
  • How returns work and how that effects a bookseller’s willingness to stock books
  • Doing book launches and signings for different bookstores at different times of the day and seasons
  • How Mark got chain bookstores to order his self-published book (and how that partially backfired)
Book launch for ONE HAND SCREAMING (self-published) Chapters Sudbury – 2004
  • How bookstores order books VS how consignment works
  • The rules, and why bookstores might sometimes make exceptions to those rules in particular situations
  • The origin of the Stark Publishing brand
  • Why Mark tied an onion to his belt back in the day
  • 7 things to consider when working with bookstores and trying to get your books into bookstores
  • And more….
A lunch time book signing at a Barnes & Noble in downtown Pittsburgh (2006)

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