Episode 112 – Reflections on 2019 Goals and Sales

Mark takes a look at his 2019 goals compared with his accomplishments for the year and also shares the %’s of his eBook, audio, and print sales for his indie published books in 2019.

Prior to the main content, Mark shares some recent comments and emails received. He also talks about a forthcoming live webinar he will be hosting featuring: M Jane Colette, Tracy Cooper-Posey, Andrea Pearson, and Talena Winters talking about productivity for 2020 (On Monday Jan 6, 2020).

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In the main content, Mark reviews his 2019 goals and discusses the fact that he only achieved one of those items on his list.

He then looks at the things he DID accomplish in 2019 that weren’t on the initial list. And he follows that with outlining 16 goals he has set for 2020.

He then looks into the breakdown of his sales % from his indie publishing income for 2019 broken down by format: eBook, print, audio. He then breaks each format down by source, exploring where his income earnings came from.

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  1. It is always interesting to hear the breakdown with someone who is wide. Thanks for sharing the info. Sorry I am going to miss the webinar but I am looking forward to next week’s episode so I can get the audio at least.

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