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Episode 172 – Understanding and Navigating Gender

This special bonus episode of the podcast includes a more than two hour discussion about gender.

Jeff Elkins organized this discussion which took place on Saturday, January 9, 2021.

Dr. Paz Galupo of Towson University and Carin Galupo join Crys Cain and JP Rindfleisch of the Write Away Podcast, Jeff Elkins and Laura Humm, of The Dialogue Doctor Podcast and Mark Leslie Lefebvre of The Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing Podcast to walk them through Gender Mapping and give insights into how we should understand the complexities of gender.

Mark foregoes the regular introductory matter for this episode and moves straight to a word from this episode’s sponsor prior to the recorded discussion.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 172 – Understanding and Navigating Gender”

  1. Really enjoyed this discussion. Found it inspiring. I’d love to hear (or even take part) in a discussion about the tension between gender and genre. Specifically, genre conventions, which are full of cultural “shorthand” cues that help us know what to expect when we’re reading… but which can be really limiting in terms of characters’ gender expression. (I’m thinking of your werewolf, Michael, who cried when he realized he was going to lose the woman he loved. Some beta readers said “nope,” because convention says alpha males shouldn’t cry… and also because this genre’s protagonists should, eventually, get what they want in love. Which makes for a satisfying narrative, maaaybe, but which doesn’t reflect real life in any interesting way.

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