Episode 195 – Help! I’m An Author with Mal Cooper

Mark interviews author Malorie Cooper about her writing and the “Help! I’m An Author” that Mal writes with her wife Jill Cooper.

Prior to the interview, Mark shares a personal update and a word from this episode’s sponsor.

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In their conversation, Mal and Mark talk about:

  • How long it has been since they saw one another at a conference (November 2019), and how long it has been since in person writer gatherings
  • The fact that Malorie is an extrovert by nature and enjoys hanging out with other authors, whether in person (when possible) or via virtual hangouts
  • The daily five hour springs that Malorie hosts (23 minute springs and 7 minute breaks) which usually involves about 15 authors
  • The music playlist that Malorie has defaulted to most recently
  • The fact that your writing speed and process doesn’t necessarily follow a linear path
  • How Malorie deals with continuity in different books/series
  • Tips for how to keep track of details when writing a long series – which includes NOT being too specific about many details, like eye color, etc.
  • What inspired Malorie and her wife Jill to start writing the HELP! books for writers
  • How Facebook ad procedures have changed over the years
  • Some of the other titles in the Help! I’m An Author series
  • The fact that Malorie was a CTO in a previous career and how that impacted the SEO involved in deciding the book titles
  • Multiple experiments Malorie did with various rapid-release models
  • Why consistency is far more important that a rapid release schedule
  • How Malorie works on different co-authored projects
  • The major burn-out and much needed break from writing back in 2019 that Malorie had to take
  • That one month (August 2018) where Malorie wrote 200,000 words despite taking a week-long vacation at Disney
  • How Malorie does her best work and fastest work at the last minute
  • Deciding to not release the Help! My Marketing Plan Sucks book at the beginning of the pandemic and how that ended up splitting off into multiple more specific platform marketing titles
  • How Malorie invests her time when attending a writer’s conference
  • The video content that Mal and Jill are working on creating
  • And more…

After the interview Mark reflects on the powerful energy that Mal gives off, which he finds inspiring, as well as the mention of getting the best work done quickly and at the last minute.

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Malorie Cooper likes to think of herself as a dreamer and a wanderer, yet her feet are firmly grounded in reality. A ‘maker’ from an early age, Malorie loves to craft things, from furniture, to cosplay costumes, to a well-spun tale, she can’t help but to create new things every day.

A rare extrovert writer, she loves to hang out with readers and people in general. If you meet her at a convention, she just might be rocking a catsuit, cosplaying one of her own characters, or maybe her latest favorite from Overwatch!

She shares her home with a brilliant young girl, her wonderful wife (who also writes), a cat that chirps at birds, a never-ending list of things she would like to build, and ideas…

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2 thoughts on “Episode 195 – Help! I’m An Author with Mal Cooper”

  1. Just listened to episodes 194 (with Eric Bryan Moore) and 195 with (with Mal Cooper). What a study in contrasts between guests! Could anyone be more diffident and self effacing than Eric? Could anyone be more outgoing than Mal? Someone should write a series starring them: AudioQuest 14.

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