Episode 57 – Cash Flow for Writers with Donna Cook

In the episode, Mark interviews Donna Cook who has published over a dozen books in two genres. She writes epic fantasy under her own name and writes contemporary romance as Jordyn White.


Donna talks not only about her writing life as both Donna and Jordyn, but also offers up advice on the important topic of Cash Flow for Writers.

Before the interview, Mark shares a word about this episode’s sponsor, Findaway Voices . . .

. . . which includes their recent announcement of two new international distribution options: MLOL and AudiobooksNZ.

You can read more about that here: Findaway Blog.

Mark provides a personal update, which includes some of the writing he is not doing, as well as an appearance on episode 159 of the AskWin podcast. He also welcomes new patron Pranathi K.

In their interview, Mark and Donna talk about:

  • The fact that writers and creative types don’t often talk about money
  • Donna’s eye-opening experience understanding the importance of her relationship to money
  • The importance of applying her financial know-how to her author business
  • The basic principles of understanding money flow and cash flow
  • The additional costs of charging and using credit
  • Where people can go to find more information about cash flow via Donna’s course and Excel tool:
  • The difference between the creative writer Donna Cook and the romance author Jordyn White
  • The fact that Donna can write contemporary romance faster than she can write epic fantasy
  • The satisfaction that comes with the regular production of creative writing
  • The eclectic music that Donna listens to when she is writing
  • The Wonder Woman sound-track and accompanying poster in Donna’s “power woman” room
  • The “no need to sign up” ability to read a complete book right online that Donna has recently created and how it removes a barrier for readers
  • The “Writer CEO” one day conference Donna is organizing in Sept 2019 in Boise, Idaho
  • The great “Writing & Wellness” resource of Donna’s friend and colleague Colleen M. Story
  • The fact that Donna will be presenting at NINC in the fall of 2019
  • How Donna divides up the different writing, coaching and teaching work she does in order to make her writing time more effective
  • The advice Donna would give herself when she was first starting up, including the importance of patience

After the interview, Mark reflects on the importance of patience, and the hard work and blood and sweat and tears that writers put in behind the scenes.

Links of Interest:

Donna Cook

Donna Cook has published over a dozen books in two genres. Her debut novel, the epic fantasy adventure Gift of the Phoenix, has won several awards. She also writes contemporary romance as Jordyn White, concluding her second series of inter-connected standalones with the novel Beautiful Deep.  

Her publishing house has a limited roster of authors—one—and published the award-winning, literary novel I Call Myself Coca Joe, by Arrow Keane in 2016The final book of the Coca Joe trilogy, I Call Myself Warrior, will be followed by the author’s revealing memoir. (Donna’s publishing house is not open to submissions.)

Before going full-time as an author, Donna worked many years as a freelance book editor and publishing consultant. She co-founded the Idaho Editor and Writers Association and still leads alongside her co-founders to facilitate the group’s mission to develop and nurture the professional growth of its members.

Every year, Donna teaches at several writers events, both big and small, and is known for her engaging, insightful presentations. Speaking engagements in 2019 include the prestigious Novelists, Inc. (NINC) Conference in Florida. She’s also one of the facilitators of the Writer CEO Conference held in her home base of Boise, Idaho. She considers it an honor to be part of the remarkable author community there.

For information about her epic fantasy novels, visit, and for information about her contemporary romance novels, visit

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