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Episode 61 – Nuggets from Superstars Writing Seminars 2019

This short episode includes a brief chat with Adriel Wiggins about her author resource business (author assistant and continuity editing) as well as a few quick nuggets from the recent Superstars Writing Seminars that Mark attended in early February 2019.

The episode is sponsored by Findaway Voices. Mark shares a fun Valentine’s promotion from them called FOR THE LOVE OF AUDIOBOOKS. Readers can use a coupon code (“loveaudio”) to get as many titles from this wonderful collection of romance audiobooks in time for Valentines’ Day.

In their brief chat, Mark and Adriel talk about:

  • Adriel talks about how she got involved in creating services to assist authors
  • The “I’m not letting you go ever!” response from her first author client
  • Her specialties which are related to data analytics and promotion schedules
  • Some of the common mistakes authors make when hiring a personal assistant
Adriel (center) with Josh Bennett (left) and Joshua Essoe (right) – all three of them photobombed by a blurry Stark Reflections podcast host

Mark explains that he’ll be doing a full interview with Adriel in a forthcoming episode.

For the last part of this short episode, he shares three of the many tidbits of things he learned at Superstars Writing Seminars.

Three Small Nuggets From the Landslide of Gold at SSWS

1. – a cloud map (visual representation of also boughts for AMS ads, BookBub and Facebook targeting, etc) – a great reminder from James Hunter.

Yasiv view of KILLING IT ON KOBO

2. QUOTE: “You don’t have a muse, you have a mortgage.” – Jim Butcher, reminding writers what being a professional means.

Jim Butcher, Steve Feldberg and Mark on a panel at Superstars Writing Seminars 2019 (Photo by Wulf Moon)

3. Seanan McGuire’s D10 of Power Writing – The concept of using a 10 sided die to set a writing goal before you consider yourself finished.
Simple – Multiple the number rolled on the die by 1000. If you roll a 1, you write 1000 words, if you roll a 10, then 10,000 words.

A 10-sided die

Mark concludes by stating that he left Superstars Writing Seminars having lined up a wonderful series of interviews from several great people that you’ll hear in forthcoming episodes.

For example, next episode will feature a chat with Laura Shanae Crenshaw of Mythulu and she shares the incredible intriguing Mythulu deck that helps a writer come up with insightful characters, situations and incidents in their stories that move well beyond tropes or the low-hanging fruit of “the first thing that comes to mind.”

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