Episode 65 – Two Publishing Paths Diverged

In this episode, Mark shares an article that he recently had published in WRITE magazine, the official magazine of The Writer’s Union of Canada.

In the word about this episode’s sponsor, Findaway Voices . . .

. . . Mark shares a recent announcement from BookBub regarding Chirp, the new audiobook promotion service they are launching in partnership with Findaway.

In his personal update, Mark reflects on how procrastination recently led to him finally being “caught with his pants down” at the recent WMG Publishing anthology workshop.

He also shares a few details about the process of how the workshop works, as well as the 5K charity run that he participated in while there. (Which might be one of the factors related to coming down with a nasty cold/flu)

Our running group “selfie” photo-bombed by the Blue Man Group

For the main segment of the show, Mark reads an article entitled “Two Publishing Paths Diverged in a Digital World: A Stark Look at Self-Publishing” which appeared in the Winter 1999 issue of WRITE magazine.

He then talks about why he feels it was important for this article to appear in that particular magazine.

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