Episode 73 – Too Connected In This Digital Life

In this solo episode Mark reflects upon the concept of Digital Minimalism that he is reading about in Cal Newport’s new book with that title.

Prior to the main topic of this episode, Mark shares a personal update regarding his travel to Cleveland, OH to participate in the “Rock Apocalypse 2019” event held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and run by J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon.

The event is described, quite aptly as: “A world-building experience, writer’s seminar, and your destination vacation in two epic days!”

Along with the intimate and engaging world-building with the small group of writers, Mark talks about Eric and Rinn from Findaway Voices (this episode’s sponsor) and things they shared with the writers.

Mark talks about listening to Newport’s latest book on his drive from Waterloo, ON to Cleveland, OH.

This book is a bid for Newport become the Marie Kondo of technology – to help people realize where digital technology bring value and where it takes away value.

Mark also shares how the book references the writing and philosophy of Henry David Thoreau, and shares a clip from a radio program he hosted in 2008 that asked how much more connected we could get.

Image from Mark’s CHML Talk Show Idol clip

He finds it startling how much MORE has happened since that 2008 reflection.

He then shares a concept for his own attempt at adapting some of Newport’s recommendations into his own digital life and at the importance of disconnecting from technology, connecting with the physical world, being in the moment, and the value and benefit that comes with allowing yourself to become bored.

As the show ends, Mark thanks new patron Leigh Anne Beckett, as well as all patrons and listeners to the show. He also shares the winners of the prizes for comments on Episodes 70 and 71.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 73 – Too Connected In This Digital Life”

  1. Always happy for dad jokes. I laughed. I am at 8K steps – it makes me feel good to make it every day and it is a big indication if I miss. Finally, you are going to need to expand on the fact that you have the radio going while at the same time listening to an audible book. I get multi tasking but that is ridiculous.

    1. Congrats on the daily 8K steps. It’s a good commitment to stick to, Chad!

      My apologies for the way I blended the “audiobook/radio” thing. During the ride, I was either listening to the audiobook (or podcasts) and the radio. (Radio for potential traffic and border crossing info near Niagara and Buffalo, podcasts because I do have to stay on top of my weekly podcast listening – and the audiobook for longer stretches) – I don’t listen to music/the radio at the same time as audiobooks. I’d just meant to say that I was “in solitude” with just driving and my thoughts . . . which was a nice experience. 🙂

  2. This podcast really resonated with me. I am addicted to social media and could certainly use a break. As bad as I am, my 19yr old stepson is worse. He always has his phone with him. He socializes, Twitters, texts, Facebooks, watches movies and TV shows, but he almost never uses his phone to actually call someone. He calls his phone “his life”. I’m hoping that will change. I’ll try to make him listen to this in an attempt to change his ways. BTW Mark, I did take a walk along the St Lawrence with friends this week. I had my cell on me, but just for emergency purposes. I’ll have to do it again soon. Great job?

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Glad that, despite the lesser sound quality of the episode, glad it resonated.

      The book talks a LOT about how much more challenging, and how much more anxiety comes with digital natives, whose digital connections are at the root of SO MUCH stress, angst and anxiety for teens and young people.

      Comparisonitis is difficult enough for adults, seeing all those “only the best” edited digital representations of life online – imagine how much more prominent it is for someone who hasn’t known a non-digital life.

      Glad you enjoyed that walk with friends and the world around you. Carpe Diem!

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