Episode 74 – Perspectives on the Past, Present, and Future of Publishing

In this episode, Mark shares a live discussion from the Rock Apocalypse conference and workshop in Cleveland, OH that took place in early May 2019.

Jim, Zach, J and P.W. are all in this pic in a “Where’s Waldo” style panel picture

The session is a recorded panel discussion from the two day event. Zach Bohannon moderated a panel discussion with T.W. Piperbrook, J, Thorn, Jim Kukral and Mark.

Prior to the interview, Mark reads a few comments from listeners from the previous episode and thanks Patrons and commenters for engaging with the podcast.

He then shares a word from the episode’s sponsor.

In his personal update, Mark shares the details of how he planned a marriage proposal for his girlfriend with Alicia Witt at her recent Toronto live concert performance, and plays a few clips from the song Alicia wrote for the engagement.

“That night in Toronto, with its checkerboard floors . . .” (The Tragically Hip “Bobcaygeon”)

The panel discussion that was recorded at the Cleveland conference features Zach asking the panelists about:

  • How they got started in publishing
  • What’s advice they’d offer their 2019 self
  • What they think might be coming in the future of publishing

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Zach Bohannon writes post-apocalyptic science fiction, horror, and fantasy. He is the author of the bestselling zombie series, Empty Bodies, as well as the bestselling post-apocalyptic horror series, Final Awakening. He’s the co-owner of Molten Universe Media. 

J. Thorn has published two million words and has sold more than 185,000 books worldwide. In March of 2014 Thorn held the #5 position in Horror alongside his childhood idols Dean Koontz and Stephen King (at #4 and #2 respectively). He is an official member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, the Horror Writers Association, and the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. 

T. W. Piperbrook lives in Connecticut with his wife and son. He is the author of the CONTAMINATION series, the OUTAGE series, and co-author of THE LAST SURVIVORS, as well as the author of THE RUINS. In his former lives, he has worked as a claims adjuster, a touring musician, and a business systems analyst for a Fortune 500 company. Now he spends his days fighting zombies, battling werewolves, and roaming post-apocalyptic cities and planets.

Jim Kukral is recognized as an expert in online marketing and branding. He delivers insightful and entertaining keynotes to growth-oriented organizations on attention-getting marketing, creative branding and understanding how customers think, react and most importantly, buy. Jim is a ten-time author of books on marketing, entrepreneurship, motivation and publishing. 

Additional music in this episode:

“Liz” was written, composed and produced by Alicia Witt. Copyright © 2019 Alicia Witt.

“Bobcaygeon” written by Rob Baker, Gord Downey, Johnny Fay, Paul Langlois, Gord Sinclair, from the album Phantom Power Copyright © 1999 by The Tragically Hip

7 thoughts on “Episode 74 – Perspectives on the Past, Present, and Future of Publishing”

  1. Congratulations Mark–Beautiful & Touching Intro!!! This weeks episode for perspective from all the guys and last week’s really resonated. Wishing you best wishes moving forward with your marriage! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Pranathi! Glad you enjoyed hearing from the panel (as well as the initial overlap from last week’s topic). And also glad you liked the intro/personal update regarding the proposal.

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