Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing EP 154 – Memories of and Reflections on T S Paul

This week the indie author community felt the loss of author T S Paul.

In this episode, Mark shares a few reflections on Scott as well as some highlight clips from an interview video that he recorded as well as Scott’s appearance back in episode 13 of this podcast.

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T S Paul is the author of Science Fiction, Space Opera, Military, Cookbooks, and Paranormal Fiction.

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3 thoughts on “Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing EP 154 – Memories of and Reflections on T S Paul”

  1. I’m so sorry to learn that TS Paul passed away. I have very fond memories of hanging out with him and his wife at various conferences. I’ll miss him. He was great at taking the marketing paths less traveled and was always willing to chat and share what was working for him with his fellow authors. Thank you, Mark, for taking the time to have a special podcast episode and bring back some golden nuggets that he had previously shared with you. I will miss his generosity, enthusiasm, and zest for life. I still remember the wonderful lunch we had at a Mexican restaurant in Austin one year and he picked up the tab for every one who attended. R.I.P,, my friend.

  2. I’m just learning of this now. I used to love hearing T.S. Paul on podcasts and reading him in groups because he was a rebel and a fellow short story writer. I recently checked his stuff out on FB to see what the heck he’s been up to. When I didn’t see anything recent, I wondered if he gave up writing or maybe had a falling out with his publishing partners. I never suspected he was dead. Very sad. He and his family are in my prayers but glad the man left behind at least some legacy with his fiction. RIP

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