Episode 156 – The Stark Reality Facing Authors

In this solo episode, Mark shares the content that is normally reserved for patrons of the Stark Reflections Podcast in a “Stark Reflections on Other Podcasts” episode.

In this episode, he shares clips from two other podcasts that he listens to, then reflects upon the things discussed.

In this particular case, both episodes include the stark reality facing authors.

Prior to the main content, Mark shares a personal update as well as a word from this episode’s sponsor…

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In the main segment for the episode Mark reflects upon clips from:

  • Sell More Books Show Episode 330
  • The Career Author Podcast Episode 144

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4 thoughts on “Episode 156 – The Stark Reality Facing Authors”

  1. Mark, I was so glad to hear your alternate perspective on AI’s impact on authors in counterpoint to the one discussed on The Career Author Podcast. The analogy that came to my mind was AI-generated stories as margarine to the creamy butter of human-created works. : ) Sure, there was a time when margarine was all the rage and butter stock no doubt dipped, but eventually people recognized the intrinsic goodness of butter over the artificiality of margarine. There are still people who no doubt buy margarine because all they want is something yellow to smear on their toast, but in the end, the intrinsic goodness of butter wins out. I have no concerns about losing my author career to a machine in my lifetime (and my grandfather lived to be 101). Thank you for the great reflection! M.

  2. Hey Mark! Yes, please continue sharing this type of podcast! Your reflections are a way to continue the conversation about writing and publishing issues discussed elsewhere that can be confusing and polarizing. You always have a measured and encouraging voice that steadies the ship, and I often hear something on another podcast and think, “I bet Mr. Mark Leslie Lefebvre would have something to say about that!”

  3. I really liked this format of show. In fact my favorite thing is how you reflect on what you took away after the interviews. (It’s like your feeding my intellection. You had that clip from Becca Syme so I hear here and always think of my strengths)

    Also thanks for the reminder that most books don’t sell so even 1 is an accomplishment. We always hear about the people who make enough to quit their job when really most people are making less than full-time income from self-pub. I think it’s important to keep on hearing that.

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