Episode 164 – Reflections on The Creative Penn Podcast Episode 517

This is a special “Reflections on Other Podcasts” style episode.

Mark reflects on Episode 517 of The Creative Penn Podcast, where Joanna Penn interviews Holly Worton.

The description from that episode, which is highly recommended that you listen to is this:

How can you prevent self-doubt and fear from blocking your creative expression? What if you’ve built an audience for your books, but then you want to change direction? Joanna Penn discusses these issues and more with Holly Worton in Episode 517 (November 23, 2020) of The Creative Penn Podcast.

Holly Worton is the author of 17 nonfiction and self-help books about business mindset and personal growth, as well as on walking and the wisdom of trees and nature. She’s also the host of the Into the Woods podcast.

Prior to the episode’s main content, Mark shares comments from previous episodes, a word from this episode’s sponsor . . .

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Mark also shares a personal update, which includes:

  • Progression on NaNoWriMo
  • The launch of the OBSESSIONS anthology
  • Publishing another book (unexpectedly) – Nocturnal Screams Vols 1 to 8
  • The forthcoming release of RUDE AWAKENINGS FROM SLEEPING ROUGH by Peter C. Mitchell

Links of Interest:

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5 thoughts on “Episode 164 – Reflections on The Creative Penn Podcast Episode 517”

  1. I’ll be honest I skipped this Penn’s podcast. I figured that I am barely into starting the author mindset and didn’t think I should pivot just yet. I re-added it to my catcher after your snippets.

    Also I learned something. Pick a book name that is easy to say and can’t be messed up.
    Raising ACEs by Chad Boyer. I had two friends with podcasts give me a shout out and both of them have misread the title. Time to go back to A/B testing titles with all of my friends again.

    Thanks Mark.

    1. Glad you’re going to go back and listen to that episode of Joanna’s podcast. One thing I’ve learned about my own author mindset and journey is that it continues to change and adapt. It’s like a process where I never stop learning and growing and always feel like I’m just getting started. (Maybe that’s a way for me to feel young again?) 😉

      And my apologies, Chad. I realized I’d blurted out the equivalent of a “verbal typo” when mentioning your title. And, though I thing I said “ACES” properly, I called the book “SAVING ACES” rather than “RAISING ACES.” Yoicks! Of course, this is likely one of a half dozen verbal typos that are inflicted into my podcast on a weekly basis.

  2. before the plague I would go on a writing retreat with a bunch of ladies and spend the weekend writing. We’d go to scrapbooking retreat places because they would have a big table for everyone and would have full meal options. So we wouldn’t even have to worry about food. It was so fun and I got soo much work done

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