Episode 241 – Indie Publishing Has a Creep Problem

It’s time to stop pretending we’re the exception.

A reading, by the author (H. Claire Taylor) of her March 7, 2022 Medium article entitled: “Indie Publishing Has a Creepy Problem

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Claire Taylor is the founder and owner of FFS Media. She also leads the Story Alignment services offered by FFS Media.

With over a dozen top-selling humor novels published (and many more on the way), she can write the crap out of a funny book. And she can help you bring out the humor in your story, too, without sacrificing a compelling narrative or strong character development.

She has professionally edited 200+ fiction manuscripts, with experience in every stage of the editing process from outline evaluation to proofreading. Her passion lies in telling a story that sticks with readers long after they finish the last page, and she loves helping others achieve that goal.

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