Episode 40 – NINC 2018

This episode’s main content features quick chats with industry folks from NINC (Novelists Inc) 2018 in St Pete, Florida. Mark shares quick hallway interviews (originally posted as Facebook Live videos on Sept 27, 2018) with:

  • Carlyn Robertson from BookBub
  • Damon Courtney from BookFunnel
  • Christine Munroe from Kobo Writing Life
  • Ricardo Fayet from Reedsy

Prior to the interview, Mark shares some personal updates, including a few activities that happened at the conference as well as prior to the conference, such as a bookstore visit to Haslam’s in downtown St. Pete, where four of the authors on the tour found their own books in the store . . .

Nathan Van Coops, Boo Walker, Mark Leslie (Lefebvre) and Ann Roth

. . . to the craft beer and brewery tour in the Haslam neighborhood that started with about fifteen people to eighteen people, but then eventually dwindled down to what might be the title of an Agatha Christie novel: AND THEN THERE WAS ONE.


Mark also shares that his book The 7 P’s of Publishing Success is now live at all the major eBook retail sites, with the print and audiobook versions coming soon, and that the other two books in the “Stark Publishing Solutions” series should all be up for pre-order soon.


He also mentions a comment on the previous episode which inspired him to make getting the audio version of the books a priority, and talks a bit about using Findaway Voices (the sponsor for this episode, to get the 7 P’s book distributed and into the market).

After the interview, Mark reflects upon the learning that can happen, at all levels, at a conference like NINC and the importance of continuing to be open to learning, growing and progressing in both the craft and business of writing.

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