Episode 41 – What Happens at NINC . . .

In this solo episode, Mark reflects upon some of the things that happened at NINC and why he enjoys attending it every year. One of the things, of course, was that he recently became Director of Business Development for Draft2Digital. He talks about four specific things: NINC itself, and why it is such a great… Continue reading Episode 41 – What Happens at NINC . . .


Episode 40 – NINC 2018

This episode's main content features quick chats with industry folks from NINC (Novelists Inc) 2018 in St Pete, Florida. Mark shares quick hallway interviews (originally posted as Facebook Live videos on Sept 27, 2018) with: Carlyn Robertson from BookBub Damon Courtney from BookFunnel Christine Munroe from Kobo Writing Life Ricardo Fayet from Reedsy Prior to… Continue reading Episode 40 – NINC 2018


Episode 39 – Professionalism

In this episode, Mark shares an early audio draft of the chapter on Professionalism for his forthcoming book The 7 P'S of Publishing Success which will be released under his "Stark Publishing Solutions" imprint by the end of Sept 2018. Prior to the audiobook excerpt, Mark shares a few personal updates which include: Attending NINC… Continue reading Episode 39 – Professionalism