Episode 81 – Becoming Unskippable™ with Jim F. Kukral

In this episode Mark interviews Jim F. Kukral, author of Your Journey to Becoming Unskippable™: (in your business, life & career).

Prior to the interview Mark:

  • Shares a comment from a previous episode
  • Talks about a new short story he is working on and some of the logistical research challenges that were holding him back
  • Talks about an ASK US ANYTHING Facebook Live chat that Mark, Kevin Tumlinson and Dan Wood will be hosting on the Draft2Digital Facebook page on Thursday July 27 at 3PM Eastern

Mark then says a word about this episode’s sponsor Findaway Voices . . .

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In their conversation, Jim and Mark discuss:

  • Why Jim opened the book sharing his perspective on goals and priorities that have more to do with personal satisfaction than seeking wealth and status
  • The importance of the merger between mindset and business
  • The deeply personal and vulnerable way Jim shared his experience getting involved in local politics
  • The authenticity of Jim’s voice in the book which matches the way that he would deliver the same content in person via a conversation or on stage
  • The strategy of not wanting to write a straight-up marketing book, but, instead, a book with business lessons and personal inspiration
  • Jim owning the trademark for the term Unskippable™
  • The importance of creating powerful moments and “talk triggers” that people will remember well beyond just the “cheapest price” or “fastest delivery” or some other temporary perk from a Popsicle hotline at a hotel pool to the Jolly Ranchers that a business supply owner added in to every order
  • The reasons that set you apart, take you to th next level, and make you unskippable and memorable
  • The story behind the mysterious persona “Johnny Showtime”
  • The importance of actually standing for something as a brand in order to reach “belief-driven buyers”

After the interview Mark shares the logistics of how listeners can download a free digital copy of Jim’s new book, and also possible win some signed copies.

Free Digital Download

Win a Signed Copy of the paperback of Unskippable™

  • Leave a comment for Episode 81 at by July 10, 2019. Entrants will be entered into a random draw for a signed copy of the book that Jim will be shipping.
  • All entrants who leave a comment by July 10, 2019 will be entered
  • Possible things to comment about include:
    • What’s one point you took away from this interview that you’d want to highlightor reflect on?
    • What’s one unique thing about you or your writing that might help you towards establishing yourself as unskippable in today’s skippable world?
  • This copy is courtesy of Jim Kukral

Win a paperback copy of Unskippable™

  • All entrants, as above, will be entered in a second random drawing for an additional copy of the paperback
  • Mark will be ordering this via an online bookstore (most likely Amazon, unless the listener is in a country where shipping via a local store there is preferable)

One more chance for winning the 3rd paperback copy

  • All Patrons of Stark Reflections will automatically be entered in a chance to win the third copy of the book.
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Mark then reflects on something that Jim spoke about in the interview. When Jim was talking about standing for something and brands taking a stance, a solid, non-wishy-washy stance that focuses on beliefs and core values, it reminded Mark of the age-old advice to authors that your book is NOT for everyone.

Links of Interest

Jim Kukral is recognized as an expert in online marketing and branding. He delivers insightful and entertaining keynotes to growth-oriented organizations on attention-getting marketing, creative branding and understanding how customers think, react and most importantly, buy.

With a passion for speaking and teaching, Jim travels around the world to teach brands and business owners on how they can apply his UNSKIPPABLE method to their marketing and brand mission to generate positive ROI-based outcomes and purposely attract lifetime customers.

6 thoughts on “Episode 81 – Becoming Unskippable™ with Jim F. Kukral”

  1. I think Jim’s comment on the fact that people are purchasing things based on sharing beliefs of the sellers was interesting. Then I thought a little more about it and pretty much it makes sense because all fiction writers know this. We write things that we love and believe in and our readers do the same.
    It is fun to hear that his book is done. I listen to Jim over at the Sell More books show podcast and it is cool to hear him do the podcast circuit promoting his work.
    I just wish there was a sci fi author who I could follow doing the same.
    (I listened at work so no need for keeping notes. 🙂

    1. Hi Chad: Thanks for this comment and your regular comments.

      You have won a print copy of the book which I’ll be shipping to you via Amazon. Please email me over at and let me know what address I can send it to! 🙂

  2. I really like this concept. I write LGBT fiction so of course I’d want to attract people who believe in equal rights for everyone and really shows the whole ‘be yourself’ is the sure way to in.

    I remember there one brand of clothes I buy from and they always include a hand written note so I always really enjoy buying from them

    1. Hi Amy – Congratulations. Your name came up in the random drawing for a personally signed copy of Jim’s new book to be sent directly to you compliments of Jim Kukral.

      Please email me at and let me know if you want it personalized to you, or to another name (potential gift option), and I’ll pass that along to Jim.

      (You were, of course, guaranteed to have a copy of the book – 50/50 chance of getting a signed one turned in your favor) Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hey Mark,

    I’m listening a little bit late as usual. The catch up is great though and I always look forward to it.

    I was listening to what you had to say about how once you start to getting the characters on the page they grew and the details of their relationship became clearer.
    This is the single most important reason why I find I need to write every day…even if my muse is drunk at a bus stop far away. Getting started when you have 100 000, or even 50 000 words to write seems a little overwhelming, but once I start writing and the smaller details become clearer, the characters say things that I hadn’t planned on, they reveal things about their personalities or their past that I wasn’t expecting and the story grows naturally — which alleviates my anxiety and makes it easier to write the next day. So even if it’s only 500 words, it’s so worth it. Any time is worth it. I can’t trust my muse but I’m learning that I CAN trust the process. We all know how to tell good stories, we just need to start – and keep starting, every single (writing) day 🙂
    Your podcast is one of my favourites and I love catching up on a Sunday night walk with the dogs. Thanks, Mark for putting the time in for us.

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