Episode 88 – Indie Publishing, Not Self-Publishing, with David Wind

Mark interviews David Wind about his forthcoming book THE INDIE WRITER’S HANDBOOK, which is coming in September 2019.

Prior to the interview Mark shares a comment from Episode 81 from Jules who shared why he finds it important to write every single day. He also shares a comment that came in via email from Caro who said that she would, in fact, appreciate an episode dedicated to getting your eBook and print book into libraries in the United States, Canada and the UK.

Prior to the interview, Mark shares a word from this episode’s sponsor . . .

In their conversation, Mark and David talk about:

  • When David first started writing and the first book he published in 1981, which he wrote under a female pen name as a way to break into the market because of an industry trend
  • The genres that David was passionate about writing and reading
  • The fact that English and Math were David’s two worst subjects in high school
  • His attempt at writing in college, which he set aside for a while before returning to writing in his late twenties
  • Leaving a position within the legal realm to work at a Playboy club in Chicago
  • Writing a thriller (his first novel) just to see if he could write a book
  • The response from Agent William Morris not liking the submitted manuscript but liking David’s writing
  • David’s favorite editor, Kate Duffy
  • Andre Norton, a legendary science fiction writer David was a big fan of and how she came to mentor him and also publish one of his only short stories
  • How the first book in a YA science fiction series David wrote which has been downloaded close to 70,000 times
  • Why David hates the term “self-publishing”
  • The vanity press, iUniverse, that David used back in 2000 in order to bring back one of his previously traditionally published back into availability
  • How, being fed up with traditional publishing, David whole-heartedly jumped into Kindle Direct Publishing in 2008
  • The fun David had releasing his first POD self-published book, which was a book he had wanted to write for thirty years and how exhilarating that experience was
  • The transition David experienced when he moved from traditional publishing over to indie publishing
  • Why David decided to write The Indie Writer’s Handbook
  • How he was getting frustrated at how people were misunderstanding and looking down on what proper indie publishing can be
  • The 18 steps that the handbook walks authors through related to indie publishing your book

After the interview Mark shares a reflection on the reason why David decided to create the book, and shares how he recently wrote an article for a more traditionally focused magazine for writers to serve a similar purpose.

In addition, he shares the two winners of the print book COPS AND WRITERS by Patrick O’Donnell from Episode 84, one randomly selected commenter from that episode and one randomly selected Patron of the show.

And he explains how listeners can win one of two signed advanbced reader copies of David’s forthcoming book for writers.

Links of Interest:

David Wind‘s first novel was published in 1981 and since then he has had more than 40 books published in the genres of science fiction and fantasy, mystery, thriller and suspense.

A hybrid author who cut his chops in traditional publishing and then discovered the opportunity in indie publishing, David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this interview and to his forthcoming book.

He is currently the Vice President of the Florida Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America, and he has a lot to say about the way by which traditional publishing still looks down their nose and misunderstands what indie publishing is really about. David lives in Florida with his wife and their dog.

13 thoughts on “Episode 88 – Indie Publishing, Not Self-Publishing, with David Wind”

  1. Mark, It was really great doing this podcast with you. Thank you for your hospitality and your great questions. I did want to clear up one thing. The Author’s Guild ended their relationship with iUniverse and moved their ‘Back In Print’ to another POD supplier, IPG (Indepenedent Publishers Group)

    1. Thanks, David. I knew the Author’s Guild doesn’t currently have a relationship with iUniverse – but I was rather surprised they ever actually had one (at least, considering what I know about them and their mother company). And I well know IPG – they are Draft2Digital’s POD partner. 🙂

      Thanks for a great interview! Looking forward to reading your new book!

  2. Thanks for showcasing David Wind and his book on your podcast, Mark. I’m sure many writers will find his experience and advice invaluable. Shared.

    1. Thanks for the comment and thanks for sharing, Linda. Every time I chat with David he never fails to re-inspire me in some way. 🙂

  3. Hi Mark, great podcast. I actually learned some stuff. LoL I honestly have to say that I was biased against self publishing. Sort of an “anyone can publish their crap, and the good stuff would get lost in the sea of icky writing.” I will have to look out for this book as it seems to give great advice on how to get recognized. Once again, great job.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I had the same initial perception of “self-publishing” but over the years my perspective changed as I got to experience some truly marvelous books that were self-pub’d. And thanks for the comment.

  4. Thanks to Mark and David for a wide-ranging discussion about the huge changes writers have faced in the last two decades. It’s wonderful to have both of you as knowledgeable guides to outline potential pitfalls and pleasures as I begin experimenting with independant publishing.

    1. Thank you, Tracey. Glad to hear that you are experimenting and I look forward to learning from your own experiments in the publishing landscape. 🙂

    2. Hi Tracey – congratulations. Your 33.33% chance worked out nicely in the random number selection for finding a winner of David’s book. Please email me – (mark (at) markleslie (dot) ca – with your address so I can send you a signed copy of David’s book. 🙂

  5. I was happy to hear you reflect on your article in Write last spring. That article led me to this podcast. Like you, I started in this world when traditional publishers were the entire legit field. Unlike you, I didn’t see the positive aspects of the revolution that is digitization — more scary than one of your Spooky Spaces books! But I’m coming around to the positives in the new publishing realities.

    1. Hi Kathy: Glad you enjoyed the reflection and the article in Write magazine. Thanks for checking out the podcast. I’m enthusiastic about the much greater opportunities the new world of publishing now has for authors. And, LOL, sometimes with many opportunities and many choices it CAN certainly be scarier than those spooky space! 😉

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