Episode 127 – Consistency in Word Count & Publishing with Blaze Ward

In this episode, Mark has an in depth conversation with author Blaze Ward.

Blaze Ward writes science fiction in multiple universes. He also writes odd bits of high fantasy with swords and orcs. In addition, he is the Editor and Publisher of Boundary Shock Quarterly Magazine and many other magazines and publishing projects.

Prior to the interview, Mark shares comments from recent episodes.

He also announced the winner of the book and workbook for THREE STORY METHOD from J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon from a random selection of commenters from Episode 123. In addition, the Patreon winner is also announced.

In their conversation Mark and Blaze discuss:

  • When Blaze started to kick into full production schedule for his writing
  • Writing 400,000 words a year while he was employed and working full time, and how he ramped it up to 100,000 words a month, which he has consistently reached for the past two years
  • The daily/weekly schedule that Blaze keeps in order to write 4000 words a day Monday through Saturday
  • The plan for Blaze to write 14 novels and 40 stories in 2020
  • Mal Cooper, who wrote 40 novels in 2018, and makes Blaze look like a slacker
  • The thrill of “getting to go write” when Blaze wakes up in the morning
  • P Time and L Time (Personal Time and Linear Time)
  • The plans for ensuring that his heirs will continue to benefit from the works that Blaze has written
  • The various different novels in different series’ that Blaze has written and is working on
  • Why Blaze isn’t playing the “exclusive to Kindle” game in publishing and has chosen to go wide
  • Selling short stories that are not available anywhere else directly on his website
  • How Blaze is using Patron (to provide his $5/month patrons content a full year before it is available to anyone else)
  • Boundary Shock quarterly magazine, which Blaze edits, including the inspiration for creating it and the logistics of filling each issue of that magazine and others with content using a syndicate of fifteen other writers
  • The different newsletters that Blaze sends out
  • Some of the financial changes that Blaze and his wife Leah (also an author), have recently made regarding translations and travel to writer conferences
  • And more…

After the conversation, Mark reflects on comparisonitis and discipline.

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Links of Interest:

Blaze Ward writes science fiction in the Alexandria Station universe (Jessica Keller, The Science Officer, The Story Road, etc.) as well as several other science fiction universes, such as Star Dragon, the The Dominion, and more. He also writes odd bits of high fantasy with swords and orcs. In addition, he is the Editor and Publisher of Boundary Shock Quarterly Magazine. You can find out more at his website, as well as Facebook, Goodreads, and other places.

The introductory, end, and bumper music for this podcast (“Laser Groove”) was composed and produced by Kevin MacLeod of and is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

2 thoughts on “Episode 127 – Consistency in Word Count & Publishing with Blaze Ward”

  1. Yeah the comparisonitis is high here. Glad you pointed it out at the end of the episode.
    I feel like Blaze should have a business for breakfast book on “Commitment” or “Keeping your butt in the chair for 4000 words.”

    I also wonder how he plots out his next scenes. I feel like 4k a day means he has a good idea of what he is writing every day ahead of time so there isn’t any discovery process going on.

    Heck I am looking at 10k a month so he is just an order of magnitude difference at the moment. But as with everything the more you do something the quicker and better you get at it. Time to get back to gaining experience.

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