Reflective Round Table

Episode 245 – Reflective Round Table March 2022

Mark chats with patrons Matty Dalrymple and Roland Denzel from the March 2022 “Reflective Round-Table.”

Prior to the main content, Mark shares a personal update (that includes the release of the co-authored book Accounting for Authors) and a word from this episode’s sponsor.

This episode is sponsored by the patrons of the Stark Reflections Podcast who support the podcast over at

During their conversation, Mark, Matty, and Roland talk about:

  • In person events for authors
  • Print books for indie authors
  • Challenges related to pre-release print ARCs (Advance Reader Copies)
  • Tricks and Hacks for in person events and other physical props related to book events
  • Book Launches – both virtual and in person
  • Working with local bookstores
  • Public Lending Rights
  • And so much more…

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The introductory, end, and bumper music for this podcast (“Laser Groove”) was composed and produced by Kevin MacLeod of and is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 

1 thought on “Episode 245 – Reflective Round Table March 2022”

  1. Oh my gosh Mark. I’m so sorry about your mom. If you need someone to talk to, give me a call. Hugs!

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